Picking your Wedding Photographer is an important decision, once the wedding is over these photos will hold all those memories and key moments. There are thousands of photographers in the UK, so how can you make sure I would be the right photographer for you?



There are hundreds of photographs but as a professional photographer it is important to develop a style and it is important for you to find a photography style that matches what you want.  I work with a Fine Art approach seamlessly combining photojournalism and lifestyle portraiture.    This style is about fusing together an artistic approach with reportage images, it involves consideration of composition, colour palette and light, to create images that capture and evoke emotion.  And when it comes to those beautiful portraits you won’t spend endless hours posing, in a short 30 minute session we will make relaxed, fun and aesthetically beautiful  images.  The editing is inspired by filmic pastels, crisp greens, natural skin tones, and has a light & luminous quality, integrated with some beautiful black & whites this is a timeless aesthetic, and will therefore still look great in years to come.


Weddings are very different to a fashion shoot, or a styled shoot, they are often fast paced and require a photographer to think on his feet, to have observed the art of seeing and being able to react to those moments in an instant.  Knowing your camera gear is critical to this., it is a live event, and as an experienced photographer I have become accustomed to knowing where to be at the right time to get those stunning shots.  All the images you see on this site are from ‘REAL’ weddings. And you can also check out my event and personal work.


When you look at my work you will see that the style flows, it shows a level of consistency in the editing and the way I shoot.  This is very important when it comes to albums and prints.  Wedding photography isn’t just about a few stunning photos, it is about a beautiful story, and memories you can treasure.  The images document and tell a story. with a consistent quality throughout.


It is important that you see a variety of images, not just 30 of the best images.  You can see from my galleries that I show you examples of details, portraits, ceremony’s, groups and all the wonderful candid images too.


Can you view Testimonials?     You can see from my ‘love Letters’ page a few testimonials from some of my lovely couples.

Back up.

Does your photographer have back -up equipment?   Aside from my main kit, I carry a back-up body and lenses in the event of equipment failure.

Trust & relationship

Whenever possible I like to meet with my couples,  it gives us a chance to get to know each other and an opportunity for you to see some of my work in print.  Its very important to me that you feel happy working with me, that you feel at ease.  Like chatting to a friend I hope you feel relaxed, resulting in fun and creative photos on the day.  It really is an honour to capture someones most special day of their life.