Why choose a hybrid photographer: Most of the day I am shooting on digital, but the addition of analogue film adds a uniqueness to your bespoke collection.

  1. Film produces a classic and timeless look
  2. There is an impressive level of detailing and depth in film photography.
  3. Film captures skin tones, grains, and colours with much more range and sensitivity
  4. Shooting film slows me down, so that every image is captured with the intention of making every frame the best and worthwhile. Allowing me to be more present with my clients.
  5. It is a much more thoughtful and artistic process.
  6. Choosing a hybrid photographer is like having the best of both worlds– (film and digital photography combined)
  7. Film is as an amazing experience, from the shoot to the developing and your left with something tactile and tangible to hold and feel, which in this digital age is priceless, your film images will have so much depth and tone. they really are worthy of the mantlepiece!
  8. My style of digital editing means that the main bulk of your gallery will combine seamlessly with your film images.