Wedding Photographer Staffordshire Based

Digital & film

Hello there, nice to meet you! I’m Michelle, a wedding photographer Staffordshire based, but covering the whole of the UK. Passionate about both photography and people, I consider it an absolute honour to document one of the most special days of your life.

I just love photographing weddings, meeting new faces, and storytelling through images.

I am a hybrid photographer. Meaning I shoot both digital and film.  The majority of the film photography is taken during our portrait session, meaning you also get some gorgeous images in print.  Along with their scans on disc included in your package.  Theres something special about holding a finished print in your hands thats infinitely more satisfying than digital copies alone.  Something tangible a monument to the beauty of your special day.

From a young age I have enjoyed creative pursuits and it was a natural progression into photography.  Since beginning my journey into photography I have worked and exhibited internationally.

My style is natural and relaxed, but delivered in an artistic and creative way, producing authentic images that capture the ambiance of your day.  I look not only to capture those key moments but the ‘in-between’ moments too, the smaller and finer details that serve to create a visual story board that will evoke memories for you to look back on and remember for years to come.

I take pride in documenting your special day in the best way I know how.  That’s by knowing your story, your journey and getting to know you.  So please get in touch and lets have a chat.


As a professional photographer I believe in the importance of having a personal body of work.  You can view my landscape, street and travel photography here at Landscape  .  Most of this work has been exhibited internationally. Some work has appeared in publications and/or used in a commercial context.  Selected prints can be purchased directly or via